Holistic Massage
Philosophy & Guiding Principles

The whole being is considered in drawing forth a design for the most efficacious treatment to suit the personal needs of the individual.

Conscious breath propels my movements as I warm the muscle tissues with light touch, progressing into medium, then deep pressure.  I respond with sensitivity to the willingness & invitation a person's body presents, from root to crown, moving energy along its meridians to obtain optimal circulation around & within the toroidal energy field.  

All the systems of the body benefit from the free flow of chi - prana - life force.  In a nurturing environment, vitality & rejuvenation are promoted throughout the process.  Gentle guidance to a place of real connection to high & grounded awareness, while inhabiting the present moment fully, serene & joyous states of being are often achieved by way of implementing compassionate care.

Anatomical & physiological knowledge are a structural foundation on to which a session is created.  Mental health is essentially interconnected as part of our whole physical & spiritual selves.  Returning to a place of pure consciousness, transcending description, where limitless potential & peaceful power abides.  

Education & Qualifications

Fifteen years experience across a wide array of disciplines 

Formal mainstream Physical Therapy studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. 
Additional Metaphysical training through hypergnostic meditation school of Arica in Chile.  

Holistic development, mentorship & tutelage by way of Avatar, Knowledgism & Thrive Movement courses

The Body Electric School

Shamanic apprenticeship on the outskirts of the Amazon in Brazil.  

Core criteria & curriculum encompassed in treatments is alignment with the universal torus human energy field. 

Professional & personal qualities include being warm, with a mellow personality, clean, respectful, reliable, creative, technically proficient, intuitive & energetic.  Passionate about providing my dynamic practice to a diverse range of people; women, men & couples.  LGBTQ friendly.    

Treatment:  Techniques & Modalities

Integrating my background in Holistic Healing Arts in the realms of Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy & Shamanism, I've developed a unique blend of clinical, traditional & indigenous modalities.  I am versed in a variety of techniques including:  





Deep Tissue


Kundalini & Toroidal Energy Movement

Conscious Guided Breathwork

Shamanic Laying of Hands 

Gently facilitated mobilizations & stretches


Open to requests about particular treatment & feedback from clients on what like, believe & feel would be best for them.  The massage is customized to your needs.  I like to do at least 90 minutes to be thorough & comprehensive with the session.

Rates are on a sliding scale.
  Suggested fees are as follows:

$90 -  1 hour
$110 - 90 minutes
$140 - 2 hours

I'm presently providing outcall work to the entire San Francisco Bay Area.  I bring a comfortable table with adjustable face cradle & take pride in using natural, high quality & organic lotions & oils.  Please feel free to get in touch by email, text or phone, with unblocked # for the quickest response & I would be happy to talk with you & answer any questions you may have.  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule, whatever it may be. 

On part of the 17th & 18th of September, my cell phone became disfunctional.  Sorry for that temporary inconvenience.  I wasn't able to retreive any voicemails, missed calls or texts during that time.  It's fixed now, so please feel free to get back in touch if you tried before, without a response.  

STEVE CAPUCIO  415-994-9409